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Futoshiki Kakuro

Futoshiki is a board-based puzzle game, also known under the name Unequal. It is playable on a square board having a given fixed size (4x4 for example).

The purpose of the game is to discover the digits hidden inside the board's cells; each cell is filled with a digit between 1 and the board's size. On each row and column each digit appears exactly once; therefore, when revealed, the digits of the board form a so-called Latin square.

At the beginning of the game some digits might be revealed. The board might also contain some inequalities between the board cells; these inequalities must be respected and can be used as clues in order to discover the remaining hidden digits.

Each puzzle is guaranteed to have a solution and only one. In order to indicate a move, click the desired square and select a digit or the delete sign (X); you can also use the digits on your keyboard (in this case, the digit 0 is equivalent to the delete sign).

For tips and tricks, you can check out our tutorial: how to solve a Futoshiki puzzle.

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